Log Kya Kahenge | Sunny Khan Durrani | A Film By Muhammad Rehan, Rakx Production

Log kya kahenge is an anthem for Youth who sacrificed their dreams to “Log Kya Kahenge” Every single day. Next time someone asks you to sacrifice your dream to Log kya kahenge, you need to remember this track!

A Film By: Muhammad Rehan
Mixing/Mastering: Sunny Khan Durrani
Artist: Sunny K. Durrani
Post Production: Sunny Khan Durrani
Assistant Cameraboy: Muqaddas Hussain
Music: Profesta & Stefan
Album: Khabarnama

Link to album: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvJAMnOfqIpeSjDmnRuY4GScdctVJ_IJ8`

Hi my name is Muhammad Rehan. I am 22 years old, living in the city of flowers, Peshawar. I wander a lot, that’s how I found myself at peace. I make videos for myself, for clients and Our Vines, that’s what I aim for. I carry my passion to make me feel alive. This is my life!

Add me on Snapchat & Instagram : @rehanuu

DOP and NLE by: #MuhammadRehan
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